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Winterized Bicycle Burn At Home


As much as I want to ride my bike every day, sometimes the winter elements force me off the road in search of other options. Even with relatively mild temperatures here along the Gulf Coast at this time, the rain did move in this week. That was my cue to dust off the bike trainer to get my burn on at home.

You can clearly see by the images above and below that it looks a little weird, and for the uninitiated I can assure you it is a completely different riding experience. With the bike bolted into position, you need to learn how to balance all over again. Plus, with no air traveling over your skin, overheating can be a problem. I’ve placed a workshop fan in front of the bike to help airflow and cooling.

Once you begin pedalling it will take some time to find the best resistance level for your workout. The trainer works by adding resistance directly to the rear tire, which is connected to a flywheel. The levels on my trainer can be adjusted by a dial that attaches to the handlebar. It takes my daily ride to a much higher intensity, letting me know that I’ve been a complete slacker when riding the streets.

The other major issue is boredom. With no friends to chat with and only the clock to look at, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people had gone completely insane while on a bike trainer. The obvious solution is to place a TV in front of you. I’ve resisted this temptation so far and prefer to listen to the radio.

In the absence of other riding options the bike trainer can provide a welcome break to your bicycle routine. I highly recommend it.



Ready To Roll

Space efficient – the bike takes up no more room in the garage when attached to the trainer than it otherwise would.


Trainer Assembly – Rear Wheel Locked-In


View From The Bike


How about you, what are your thoughts on bike trainers? Please share your ideas on how to improve the experience.

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  1. Oh, I like this idea. We have a stationery bike in our gym, but I’d rather ride my bike when the weather doesn’t play along than the gym’s bike. It’s just a different set up. Very clever.