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Winter Cycling Guide

Winter Bike Riding…photo credit Mother Nature Network

I’m a bit spoiled living in Southern California. The most “winter” weather we get here is rain and wind. Today was the first day I rode home from work and got rained on. Thankfully, it was no more than a sprinkle, but none the less I was unprepared – no coat or umbrella to speak of.  (Do those bike umbrella holders work, I wonder?) With rainy weather in store for the next few days, I’ll be driving until I get a more suitable raincoat.

Yet, for bicycle commuters who must brave the rain, wind, and snow for the next few months, I found a great and simple guide on winter cycling. Because let’s be honest, I’m no expert living in the land of sunshine. ;) The Urban Country Bicycle Blog wrote a terrific post a couple of years ago and included real-life photos of cyclists riding in true winter weather.

Basically his tip is quite simple: ride what you’d normally wear that day – warm, water-resistant/proof coat, hat, gloves, scarf, boots, and water-proof pant covers for wet weather. There’s no need to dress any differently for riding a bike than walking down the street.

The only tip I’d add is make sure you have lights for a gray day.

I need to get a pair of water-proof pant covers. My biggest complaint about riding in the rain is my pants get soaked. I also might have to try an umbrella holder.

What tips would you add?


  1. I am a fair weather cycler. I live in southern California too. I prefer riding in hot weather versus cold weather. There is only so much I willing to wear to ride.

  2. Here in Houston, since it gets really rainy and muddy, it just makes sense to have a cycle outfit and a quick change info in a waterproof bag. In my old job, a couple of my coworkers biked to work and that extra set of clothes was their life saver.