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Where to Find Women’s Commuter Clothing

I love the idea of an urban cycling, commuter clothing line, such as Levi’s Commuter series which focuses on bicycling. However, what is blatantly missing from their line is a WOMEN’S version! Hellooooo! Women cycle to work too ya’ know!

Shebeest Velo Wrapped Skirt

In my quest to find a comparable women’s clothing line, I sadly came across very few options. Now, before I share what I’ve found, some may be wondering why all the trouble hunting down a commuter series when you can just wear regular clothing. I wear typical clothing when I ride, but there are some instances where modifications to my every-day wear could greatly improve my comfort. A few situations come into mind (some weather related):

  • Weather: Chilly or damp mornings. Pants made with stretchable, water-resistant material would keep a rider more comfortable.
  • Fashion: Pants that roll up easily and still look chic. Chain guards are great, but if your bike doesn’t have one, you either wing it and let your pants get greasy (and maybe stuck in the chain) or you roll them up and look like a dork.
  • Weather: Wind. It’d be great to wear a skirt that doesn’t inch up your legs as you ride or blow up and out on a windy day. Peek-a-boo! Everyone can see you and your nether-regions. The goal here is to avoid causing a traffic accident. ;)

Now the choices in women’s urban cycling clothing I came across don’t necessarily solve the above issues, but it’s a start. For example, BetaBrand is a clothing company in San Francisco that is currently working on a Bike to Work clothing line including Bike to Work pantsfor women. The women’s version is not available yet, but they’re working on it. (I also love their site.)

Shebeest Stretch-denim Capris

Another company that creates cycling clothing is Sombrio. Sombrio has some decent choices for women in terms of shorts and tops, however it’s still pretty limited. They also seem to focus on racing, so the urban bicyclist may not be thrilled with their options in terms of fashion.

Possibly the best women’s commuter clothing option is Shebeest. I was able to find some great items on Amazon and My Cycling Gear, like stretch-denim capri’s and a Velo-wrapped skirt. However, Shebeest’s website is currently in limbo with a note that they are returning in 2013.

As commuter cycling grows, the fashion industry will catch on. I just hope it’s sooner than later!


  1. Another (pricey) option. Outlier now makes weather-resistant women’s cycling pants:

  2. Glad you like the site! Betabrand now offers three styles in the women’s bike to work pants, and they’re available.