Urban Biking: Tips For Buying An Urban Bike


Mind The Gap is a documentary project examining sustainable urban transit. Produced and directed by Laura J. Lukitsch and with funding support from The San Francisco Film Society, Mind The Gap shares personal stories of innovation that are moving us toward the livable cities of the future.

Our fourth and final webisode in the Mind The Gap series has a handful of useful ideas for you to think about as you shop around for your next bike. It really is exciting choosing a new bike. The options today are increasingly suited to recreational and commuter riding and not just competitive racing. This diversity of choice is helping to attract more people to bicycling.

My favorite aspect of this video is the emphasis the producers have put on buying from a local bike shop. These shops employ the people who live in your neighborhood and your closest shop is likely to be your first stop when you have a question or maintenance issue. Buy local!

URBAN BIKING: Tips for Buying an Urban Bike from Laura J. Lukitsch on Vimeo.

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