Urban Biking – Tips For Biking In The Rain


Mind The Gap is a documentary project examining sustainable urban transit. Produced and directed by Laura J. Lukitsch and with funding support from The San Francisco Film Society, Mind The Gap shares personal stories of innovation that are moving us toward the livable cities of the future.

Rainy weather can be an easy excuse to justify parking the bike and choosing other transportation options. However, with the right clothing, a smart bike set-up, and some determination your bicycle can still get you there comfortably in the rain. Today’s video is filled with great tips to keep you rolling in nasty weather. I especially like the zip-lock bag protection idea for cell phones. This saves your delicate electronics from rain and perspiration.

What’s your best wet weather riding tip?

URBAN BIKING: Tips for Biking in the Rain from Laura J. Lukitsch on Vimeo.

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