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Two-Week Free Bike Rental in Santa Monica

Santa Monica Bike and Park

Santa Monica is the epitome of Southern California; beautiful, sunny weather with palm trees that hug the beach. Yet, Santa Monica is also becoming known in Los Angeles as a very bike friendly city. It’s one of the few cities within greater Los Angeles where you’ll see cyclists riding down almost every streets wearing flip-flops and over sized sunglasses. The city has avidly promoted cycling through installing sharrows and bike lanes which has increased ridership.

Santa Monica Bike and Park located on 2nd Street is there to motivate new riders and assist those already riding. I’ve written about them before, but a recent article in the Los Angeles Times reminded me about their awesome services which include a two-week free bike rental to encourage people to test out bike commuting to work. It’s not very difficult to turn a non-bike commuter into a bike commuter with enough encouragement and the right gear. It’s the getting started that’s the difficult part.

Our cities don’t quite look like this just yet. :) Amsterdam.

I’ve talked with lots of people about bike commuting. A question I always get when they see me ride up to work is, “How far do you ride?” When I say 4-miles, their eyes bulge out and they say, “Wow. That’s far!” But I remind them that on a bike, it’s not very far at all. If a person can overcome the first step – just getting on a bike – the rest will fall into place.

Yet, if more bike shops offered a two-week free rental, I wonder if more people would become bike commuters? Would a two-week rental increase bike commuting in your town?

Stats to back the trend: According to Bikes Belong cities with more bike paths have higher bike commuting rates. Not surprising, ey.