Touring the World on Your Bicycle


Do you know what everyone is complaining about these days? If it’s not aches and pains, it’s typically gas prices. No matter what has happened with the price of gas, people are complaining that the dollar amount per gallon is just too high! Personally, I don’t pay much attention to gas prices, but if you want to rid yourself of the pump, one great way to do it is by traveling on your bicycle.

You may think I’m joking, but I’m dead serious. Bicycling is fantastic exercise and it is easy on the joints. Plus, you get to enjoy the scenery as you ride instead of driving as fast as possible without getting pulled over. There is no reason to hurry. Hop on your bike and enjoy the ride!

Here are some things you might want to have handy as you start saving money on your bicycle:

1) International Banking – If you are taking your bike to countries around the globe, you absolutely need a bank (like Lloyds International Bank) that can provide that service for you.

2) Helmet – Yes, perhaps this should have been #1, but it should be a given anyway. If you’re on a bicycle, it’s always important to wear a helmet, especially if you aren’t familiar with your surroundings.

3) Spare Tire – Tires are known to blow from time to time, and if you are 20 miles away from your next stop, you probably don’t want to walk it while carrying your bike. Keep a spare tire in a pouch behind your seat.

4) Water – Water is incredibly important when you are biking long distances. If you can, add a second holder to your bike frame so you can have an extra bottle with you.

5) Sunglasses – You may not realize it, but when you are outside for many hours at a time, your eyes can become damaged. Get the proper eyewear for protection.

6) Skin Covering – Be sure that your neck, back, and legs are protected from the sun as well. You may not realize it while you are cycling, but I have known many people that have been burned badly because they were not covered properly.

All of the above items are very important when you are cycling abroad. The banking tip may sound out of place, but you need to be certain that you can get to your money no matter where you are. I have been asked in the past, “What is an international money transfer?” If you are cycling abroad, you should certainly know what this is. If you do not, please look into it before your big trip. There would be nothing worse than finding yourself in a foreign country and absolutely no money.

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