The Work Cycle; Celebrating Bicycle Commuters and the Companies that Support Them

I find bike inspiration in the most unusual places. Browsing recent web sites that have been awarded design kudos, I came across a web site called The Work Cycle. The Work Cycle is a web site that celebrates bicycle commuters and the companies that support them through sharing their stories of bicycles in the work place. The companies showcased are just fine with bikes propped up against cubicles and some even offer incentive programs for their cycle commuters.

Mind you, not all of the companies showcased are considered “bike-friendly,” but the idea is that these companies and their employees understand that there’s a growing bicycle culture going on world-wide. Many of the submissions highlight that it’s really the employees that take the lead on their company’s bike culture.

The Work Cycle is also looking for entries. If you and a handful of your colleagues bike to work, submit your story, take photos of where you store your bike during work hours, and how you travel to make sure it’s a comfortable ride. The Work Cycle wants all the details of your commute.

It’s funny. At work, I’m always asked about my bike ride and I gush over how great it was and how energized I feel. But getting others to follow my lead is more difficult. I think I really need to start pushing for monetary incentives. I bet that would light a fire under some people and motivate them!

Are you a Work Cyclist?

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