The Madsen Cargo Bike

Hearing about the Madsen Cargo Bike through a comment on a previous post made me want to investigate exactly what a Madsen was; it’s an American version of a Dutch Cargo bike with a unique design. The Madsen bike is built to carry cargo including up to four children. Yes, four kids with seat belts installed for the little tykes.

Yet unlike the Dutch Cargo bikes that have the bucket in the front, the Madsen placed the cargo bucket behind the rider. The step-through frame makes it easy for a rider to mount the bike and the kick-stand is sturdy enough to allow children to climb into the bucket without tipping over. There’s also a front parking brake and integrated lock to easily lock your bike any where you go. Need more space to carry your stuff? A front rack is also available and mounts onto the frame.

This bikes looks like the ultimate family bicycle. I was a little skeptical about the length of the bike and turning ratio, but on the Madsen blog, users have sent in photos of themselves riding it with children in tow and a passenger on the front rack! It’s reasonably priced for this style of bike at just under $1,500.

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