The InterLock Bike Lock Hides in Your Seat Post

I once had an affinity for cable locks, they were easier to carry around, lighter weight, and more pliable than a U-Lock. But that was before my bike was stolen. I still use a cable lock, but now I use it in conjunction with a U-Lock – so it’s double locked to prevent another theft. However, that means carrying around 2-locks every where I go. (Well, okay, I’ll be honest. I don’t carry my U-Lock if I’m running in to pick up a coffee or quick errand).

InterLock via Kickstarter

InterLock via Kickstarter

Yet a new possibility is coming to fruition: a lock that hides in your seat post, the InterLock. Before I watched the Kickstarter video, I was skeptical, mostly because it looked like a flimsy cable lock that could easily be cut. However, after watching the two videos (a follow up video explains a more secure option for the lock) and reading the information, I think it could be a terrific way to incorporate a lock into a bike frame. Or at least reduce the possibility of carrying 2 separate locks in a backpack or basket.

Basically, the InterLock is a post and seat mount with a lock inside the post. It fits on most bikes, you just have to remove your seat from its current post and replace it with the InterLock post. Hypothetically (if the project gets funded), the initial InterLock will sell for $39 and is the basic cable lock, so I personally wouldn’t feel safe locking it with just the InterLock for long periods of time without an additional U-Lock. The upgrade to the InterLock is a plastic coated bicycle chain for $69. If the project gets funded, InterLock has a target date of late May. Just in time for bicycle season! (Oh, wait. Every season is bicycle season for some.)

What are your thoughts on this idea?

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