Cycling down the path of life

The Fine Art Of Bicycle Crafting


Garry Alderman is truly dedicated to his craft, the fine art of bicycle building. He’s the owner of the Chicago, Illinois based Method Bicycle company, and totally committed to creating bikes by hand.

While the video below makes no apology for promoting a certain brand of Vodka, it also does a great job describing the selfless approach to handmade bicycle frame building. We’re given a glimpse into the psyche of the craftsman, giving us a better understanding of the motivations that drive them. Hand-made bicycle builders really do have to strive for perfection day after day. Despite the smooth lines, unique designs, and custom options it’s no secret that modern manufacturing produces a much more affordable product. Thankfully, there are still lots of people who value more than just the bottom line.

Garry eloquently describes the bicycle as a very simple machine, but one that offers a lifetime of work.


Here’s to Garry from Method Bicycle from Brett Knutson on Vimeo.


For the right bike, would you pay a premium for handmade custom quality?