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The End of Daylight Savings Time Hurts My Eyes!

Dux Helm bicycle helmet with retractable lenses. – photo from Dux Helm

Since the end of Daylight Savings Time, my morning commute heading east has been killing my eyes. And of course, it doesn’t help that by mid-day my westward commute home has the same affect. Sunglasses work okay, but my helmet seems to bear down on the frames and dig into my ears. This is very uncomfortable and I’m constantly having to push up my glassses. Maybe I just need a new pair of glasses. I just don’t do well with sunglasses in general; I’ve gone through three pairs of shades in 5-weeks.

Perhaps the solution to my problem can be found in Dux Helm, a bicycle helmet with built-in, retractable shades. I can’t say that the current design fits in with my commuter style which consists of everyday work clothes, but the idea that the shades fit perfectly on the helmet and retract inside the helmet would solve my sunglasses problem.

Dux Outdoors is based in Vancouver, Canada and has a very open policy when it comes to their products: “…any customer who has a practical comment or critique regarding our product sends us an email.”

I like this philosophy. As this product evolves, it might just fit every cyclists’ style from racer to commuter. Canadian and US sales begin this month.

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