The Cardboard Bicycle For The World

Tel Aviv, Israel (Bike Lane Living) – Bicycles are now being constructed out of arguably the most sustainable material – wood fiber, or cardboard to be precise. Innovator Izhar Gafni designed and developed the cardboard bicycle to be durable, water and fire resistant, and best of all – cheap.

Advances in bicycle building materials have given us super-strong and light-weight bicycles that can take us further and faster with each step forward in technology. However, the needs of the market are diverse, and many of us around the world prefer low-cost over any other feature, and this is where cardboard fills the void.

Much like origami, the cardboard bicycle attains the necessary strength through carefully designed folds, and the application of modern adhesives. The cardboard frame, wheels, seat and handlebar are robust enough to carry an impressive 275 lbs, all in a package that weighs less than 28 lbs.

Perhaps more impressive than the performance of the cardboard bicycle is its low cost – at less than $100 it is widely affordable. Beyond the bike, developers are working on the application of cardboard materials technology in wheelchairs, baby strollers, and more products to be easily within reach of a truly global market.

Rather than seeking traditional venture capital to fund the launch of operations, they are keeping it social. With an ambitious goal of $2,000,000 their Indigogo campaign has raised just $32,000 with 32 days remaining. Please check out their crowd-funding site to see the impressive list of perks available for backers.

I can see the advantages of the cardboard bike, and a few drawbacks. What are your thoughts, is this project a winner?

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