The Beez Kneez Bicycle Buzz


The Beez Kneez needs a hive and they’re reaching out for your help. With just a little time left on their Kickstarter campaign, the Beez Kneez is generating a loud buzz as they strive to expand their community outreach program and establish permanent headquarters.

Few people are aware of the immense value that the humble bee provides to all of us. Beyond delicious honey, bees are responsible for pollinating our food crops – ensuring we all have enough to eat. Without bees, Einstein claimed that all of humanity would perish within four (4) years!

This community bicycle program educates hundreds of people every year on the importance of bees. Sadly, bee populations are rapidly declining because of the toxic environment we’ve created for them. Increasing awareness is a key first step towards reversing the negative trend.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota enterprize maintains a number of hives in cooperation with community, environmental, and academic groups. Plus, they deliver their honey to commercial businesses all over the city by bicycle – dressed like worker bees themselves.

Not only do they deliver by bike, the honey is extracted from the frames in bicycle powered centrifuges.

Bicycle Powered Honey Extraction

Bicycle Powered Honey Extraction

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