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Take Your Date to a Bicycle Friendly Restaurant

Happy Valentine's Day from Bike Lane Living

Happy Valentine’s Day from Bike Lane Living

I’m not much for a big Valentine’s Day outing. To be quite honest, when V-Day falls on a weekday, the celebration usually has to be put off until the weekend-  hectic schedules just aren’t conducive to a night on the town. However, if you have time this evening to gush over your sweetheart, perhaps these bicycle friendly restaurants and bars can accommodate both your loves; your bicycle and your date:

  1. For those of you who live in Pittsburgh, PA, there’s the Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe. It’s a bicycle-themed sports bar.
  2. Can’t find time for dinner, but have an hour to spare for coffee, some Starbucks coffee shops have walk-up/bike-up windows and an outdoor patio. It might be a wee chilly if you live anywhere east of the Sierra Nevadas, but a hot cup of coffee could help warm you up. (Man, I miss my walk-up/bike-up Starbucks).
  3. Blue Star Brewing Company in Austin, TX – Another bike-themes bar that promotes bikes. Next door is the Blue Star Bicycling company that I’m assuming is owned by the same people.
  4. Hopworks BikeBar in Portland, OR. It has 75-bicycle parking spots!
  5. If you’re willing to brave the cold winds of Chicago on a bike, there’s The Handlebar cycling bar.
  6. Henry’s in New York is touting themselves as a bicycle friendly restaurant allowing cyclists to prop their bikes along their picket fence patio or bring them directly into their cafe. The staff will also bring your bike inside for you if they feel it’s not being attended to properly. Now that’s service!
  7. Park Tavern in Denver, CO has ample patio bike parking. If it’s not too cold or you don’t have to ride too far, this might be just the ticket for a drink or two.
  8. The Handlebar and Grill in Tempe, AZ. It offers bicycle hooks on it’s patio for cyclists.

From the east coast to the west, you’re sure to find a restaurant or two that offers some kind of accommodations for cyclists. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to for a partial list of bicycle-friendly bars.

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  1. That sounds like such a great idea! Since it is winter, I would suggest a lunch instead of dinner.