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Taga; The Bike that Converts into a Stroller or Vice Versa

Taga Child Carrier Bike and Luxury Stroller

Have you ever pushed a stroller and wondered if there was a more efficient way to push your little bundle of joy? Or been riding a bike with your child in tow and thought, “I wish I had brought a stroller along, too.” I can’t say I have, but then again I don’t have children. However, I recently came across the Taga website and their bicycle-stroller design seems revolutionary; it’s a three-wheeled bike, with two wheels in front and one in back, that easily converts into a stroller. The baby/child seat is positioned between the split handlebars so that you pedal just behind the child.

This bike is designed to be the ultimate convertible bike; you can carry one child, or two children using two child seats, or with a converter, face the child seat towards you for infants. Taga also offers a wooden enclosed child carrier or just a bucket for grocery shopping, sans children. To convert the bike/stroller combo to just a stroller, the bike seat and bike tire fold up and over the handle bars so that the back bike tire becomes the front stroller tire. The Taga is somewhat affordable at just under $1,500 US, considering the configuration and design. However, according to the Taga website, it’s also very popular and they are currently sold out.

Taga stroller/bike combo

For those of you with children, what do you think of this design?


  1. OMG this thing looks awesome. I am so having one of those once I have kids. I get to exercise and take the kid with me.

    • That’s what I was thinking! If I had small kids, I’d be begging for one of these. :)

  2. This is awesome. I wish I knew about the Taga when our kids were younger and we were living in Monetery, CA. This really is perfect for riding the coastal trail and then converting to stroller mode for city sidewalks. I think every active parent should at least consider this option.

    • I completely agree. I don’t know how long these bikes have been around, but what a great concept. If I find one of these near me, I’m going to have to test ride it to see how maneuverable these are.

  3. My wife and I actually have one of these. Great for the little one (1+ year old). When we go out with the family it’s my wife and the littlest on the tags, me and the boys (5 & 3) on the Madsen. Plus, with it’s ability to fold up the tags takes up a little less room in the garage. BTW, you have to get use to turning corners… you don’t lean the same…

    • @JdMitch – Thanks for sharing your experience with the Taga. Good to know that turning corners is a little tricky and takes some getting used to. Just checked out the Madsen, very cool bike. Sort of like a Dutch Cargo but with the bucket in back. Thanks for visiting!