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Sweet Idea – Late Night Cookie Delivery


Sweet! This bicycle business model is so sweet that an IBM engineer quit his career with Big Blue to pursue it with all his passion and energy. Sweet Idea is a late night cookie delivery business, and they deliver exclusively by bicycle.

This really is a sweet business model, developed by John Piermarini in Boston. All cookies are produced in CropCircle Kitchen, a shared kitchen and business incubator in Boston. The cookie recipes were all found, freely available, online by John. They connect with customers via a sweet website, and all orders ship (ride) for free. The best part is that they’re doing great and expanding operations. I think they’re on to something, and definitely meeting a previously unsatisfied need.

Honestly, who can say they’ve never had the urge for a sweet cookie at around 9 or 10 p.m but didn’t want to bother leaving home to satisfy the urge? If you see a late night cyclist in an orange jump suit, rest assured that another satisfied customer is enjoying their Sweet Idea cookies.


Late Night Cookie Delivery from Emily Zendt on Vimeo.


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  1. Just think, this idea could turn into a late night fad: sweet cupcake delivery, munchies delivery, etc. Great idea! thanks for sharing!