Store Stuff in Your Handlebars

I recently rented Premium Rush, and though I don’t advocate riding like an idiot in traffic, I actually liked some of the bike tricks and the idea of discreetly hiding something in a handlebar (a small point in an equally skinny plot). I’ve never had a reason to hide anything in my handlebars, but it’s a novel idea and one that another company is looking to market.

The Handlebar Minibar. Photo from Kickstarter

The Handlebar Minibar. Photo from Kickstarter

Handlebar Minibar launched a campaign on Kickstarter that’s quite intriguing: store presumably liquor, money, or something small and malleable enough to roll up in a small tube. Now, the amount of alcohol you can store in the tube isn’t enough to get anyone tipsy, let alone drunk. Instead, Handlebar Minibar’s video focuses on using liquor as a way to “warm up” on a cold day. As their campaign states, it’s all about “a bit of fun.”

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Premium Rush, I’d recommend it if you like “deliriously dumb fun” as the Vermont’s Independent Voice, Seven Days puts it.

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