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Sidecar Cargo Bike

I like the idea of cargo bikes and may eventually invest in one down the road. They’re great for carrying quite a bit of, well, cargo – groceries, large items like furniture, beer, or people. But turning a standard bike into a cargo-capable bike with a sidecar is an interesting idea.  Some bike’s produced in the ’40′s and ’50′s had sidecar attachments but they never really caught on in popularity in the states. Yet, sidecars can be found more commonly on bicycles in Asian countries.

The flexibility to ditch the sidecar when it’s not needed is what piques my interest the most.

An example of this is designer Juan Pablo Cambariere’s beautiful wooden sidecar designed for his two children.

Juan Pablo Cambariere’s wooden sidecar

Based on the photos on his website, the side car is mounted at the handlebar post and the rear wheel.  A downloadable diagram is available on the site. Not only is this utilitarian, it’s aesthetically pleasing.

There are plenty of homemade sidecar additions that can be added to a bicycle, but many sidecars have weight limits and aren’t sturdy enough to carry people, let alone children. This is one that can do both.

Would you add this wooden sidecar to your bike?