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San Diego Cycles Uphill For Bicycle Progress


Dianne Yee introduces her research findings in the video below. The UC San Diego Urban Studies & Planning major questions why San Diego has been slower than other cities in adopting a diversified transportation mix. Given the comfortable southern Californian climate, Yee challenges us with this question and seeks answers to help force meaningful progress.


The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress

~Thomas Kettering *


Yee contrasted the relatively low bicycling rates of San Diego with San Francisco and Seattle. These both have higher rates of bicycle ridership but share similar topography. The video highlights some key findings that serve as a guide for communities that want to progress towards bicycle friendly places to live.

  • Complete Streets planning integrated into infrastructure development
  • The need for a Bicycle Advisory Committee to guide and interact with local government
  • Support leaders that embrace a diversified transportation mix, including bicycle infrastructure
  • Become Active in your community: lobby your leaders and let them know what the community really wants

Forcing change takes courage and we applaud the presentation of this research.


Slow to Cycle San Diego from Dianne Yee on Vimeo.


* Kettering was General Motors head of research for 27 years and partly responsible for the addition of lead into gasoline, so including his quote here is a little ironic.


  1. A couple years ago, I checked out San Diego as a possible place to move and noticed how few bicyclists I saw. With the weather being almost perfect 365 days a year, they really do lack a bicycle policy. Hopefully this will change!

  2. The young man with the limited vocabulary at the end of the video was correct in his assertion that the dominant paradigm that forces people into cars is “a racket” benefiting the power structure and victimizing the public.
    Our best hope for positive change in San Diego lies with electing a mayor who is not beholden to those entities that profit from maintaining the status quo. Nathan Fletcher is the only candidate who has uttered a single syllable in support of cycling as a legitimate transportation choice. He has gone one step further in releasing a cogent and workable plan to actively promote cycling at the local level.


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