Safer Streets Attract More Shoppers

Measuring the Streets by NYC DOT

Measuring the Streets by NYC DOT

A 2012 study, “Measuring the Street”, produced by New York City’s Department of Transportation supports the idea that safer streets attract all kinds of users, reduce injuries, and increases retail sales. The study in and of itself …”evaluate(s) street projects, and illustrates how measuring results can show progress toward safe, sustainable, livable and economically competitive streets.”

It’s not rocket science to understand how this works; streets that can safely accommodate all kinds of traffic potentially boosts retail sales. The easier it is for a shopper to access the store, the more likely they’ll shop there.

Some key stats from the study, which focuses on traffic-calming measures around the boroughs as well as the affect of a separated bike lane around 8th and 9th Avenue, include decreased injuries to all street users that range from a 35% decrease on 8th Avenue to a 58% decrease on 9th Avenue and increased retail sales up to 49% on 9th Avenue between 23rd and 31st street.

“Measuring the Street” also highlights the results of street improvements ranging from traffic-calming measures to separated bike lanes to repurposing an underused area. All transformations reflect positive outcomes and make for a great case-study and guide for other cities to follow.

Has your city undergone a safer street strategy?

Watch a Street Films video about East Harlem and Complete Streets.

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