Riding in the Rain

April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. Where I live, we usually see the end of rainy days come the end of March, but occasionally the wet weather will pop up in April or as late as May. However, throughout the nation, April is a wet month. But that doesn’t have to disturb bike commuting. Instead, if you have the right gear, you can ride in just about any weather.

Here are a few wet weather tips:

  • Wear waterproof attire and/or bring an extra set of clothes for when you reach your destination. A raincoat is a necessity.
  • Make sure you have some protection for your bike; fenders and a chain guard are super helpful. They keep both you and your bike drier. They also guard against getting a raincoat stuck in a tire!
  • Keep your feet dry.
  • Make sure you have lights.
Bike riding gear for rainy days

Bike riding gear for rainy days

I’d also recommend carrying two small hand towels with you; one to dry off your bike and the second one to dry yourself off. Ride safely out there!

Do you ride or commute when it’s raining?

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