Cycling down the path of life

Ride Beyond The Zombie Horde


The bicycle is now the preferred transportation option on which to escape the zombie horde. Cycling advocates and skeptics be aware: when the relentless shuffling feet of the living dead march in your direction you’re very best survival option is to get on your bike and ride.

Please don’t just take my word as gospel on this important issue. Max Brooks, author of the critically acclaimed The Zombie Survival Guide, Complete Protection From The Living Dead describes the bicycle as being “in a class by itself”. With over one million copies sold and firmly entrenched on the New York Times Best Seller list, who are we to argue with such authority?


The Zombie Survival Guide endorses the bicycle.


It seems that the advantages of the bicycle as a mode of transportation that we all know translate very well to a zombie survival situation. In the event of an apocalypse, food and gasoline will come under increasing pressure; becoming scarce. The humble bicycle has been described as the most efficient machine ever created and will surely stretch your resources to the max.

Obstacles are better handled by bike. It’s light enough to be lifted over debris. Finally, a practical use for those cyclocross skills! Plus there’s no need to stick to the paved surface, especially if you choose your tires wisely.

The quiet nature of the bicycle will surely not attract the attention of the zombie masses. It’s common knowledge that making noise is a magnet to your flesh hungry adversaries. A bike can quickly be modified with racks and bags to carry the supplies you need to escape.

The Bicycle Wins By Default

Walking uses too much energy, and horses are prone to hysteria when confronted with zombie stench. You may think the car, truck, SUV, or motor home would be a better way to go? Unfortunately too many people have made this fatal error. With blocked roads and limited gas, these steel tombs are favorite targets for zombies.

Don’t become a zombie snack, ride your bike.

Happy Halloween!



  1. I’ve always said to my husband that I’ll be grabbing my bike in case the end of the world event takes place – or zombies attack. He thinks I’m crazy, but it’s true, gas would be hard to come by and it might be easier to navigate by bike. ;)

    • Yes, the bike is the way to survive. It would definitely add some motivation on group rides not to be the first to drop off the back of the pack. Ha!

      • I’ve been training for this for a while!

        • You’re ahead of the game Jimmy!

  2. I want to also add that in the event of natural disasters, like Sandy, bikes come in handy. Check out this Streets Blog post:
    Lot’s of bikes!