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Replacing Handlebar Grips

I love my Raleigh Comfort bike. It’s comfortable to ride, has a nice step-through frame, holds two baskets on the back rack, and has logged about 3,000 miles over 4 years. However, an ongoing problem I’ve struggled with over the years is keeping my handlebar grips in place. Over time, the handlebar grips seems to slide out from the handlebar, especially my left one (which is odd since I’m right handed).  I’ve talked to my local bike shop about this problem yet all they were able to do was push them back into place, only to slide out months later. My bike shop didn’t have grips that would fit my handlebars which means I’m stuck with my current grips for now. But…..

My conclusion is handlebar grips wear out and need to be replaced. Or in my case, slide off and need to be replaced.

I never realized how important comfortable grips were until I stepped into an REI store the other day and drooled over a Novara bike’s cork grips. They were so much more comfortable to hold, especially on my pre-arthritic hands. So I’ve begun researching comfortable handlebar grips that might fit my bike.

Ravx Comfy X Bicycle Handle Bar Grips

Ravx Grips

According to reviews on Amazon, the Ravx grips have a high rating with users and the reviews gush over comfort. Even people with arthritic hands seem to agree that these grips are very comfy. Ravx Comfy grips seem to fit Shimano ST-EF50 7 speed shifters well.

Of course, none of the reviews mention that these will not slide off my handlebars, so it’s hard to say if these grips will resolve my problem.

Avenir Comfy Soft Grips

Avenir Grips

Ergonomic soft foam and a firm inner core have customers rating these grips as very comfortable. I like the idea of a soft foam exterior and firm interior, yet again no mention of non-slide grips.

Ergon GP1 Grip

Ergon Grips

The Ergon grips appear to run large, or at least that’s what many reviewers mention. However, the reviews note that these are extremely comfortable grips, easy to install, and don’t slide off.

Most of these grips fall in the price range of $25.00 which is a small price to pay for comfort.

Thinking of installing new handlebar grips? Check out this “how-to” video below:


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