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Presidents And Bicycles


Many modern United States Presidents have embraced the bicycle. We can think of no better way to honor the office of the Presidency on this Presidents Day than by taking a historical look at Presidents and bicycles. Pictured above is President Theodore Roosevelt in 1902. While the President is not personally riding a bicycle his police escort are pedaling chainless bicycles. Also of interest in this image is that the President is riding in a Pope-made electric automobile. Photo courtesy Fusion Studios.


President Harding greeting boy scouts who rode from Columbus, Ohio - 1921 Photo courtesy Sears



Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. ~President John F. Kennedy



Nixon family bicycles through cherry trees in Washington D.C. Photo courtesy Slate.



President Gerald Ford (on bike) surrounded by cousins in front of Grand Rapids childhood home, Ca 1915. Photo courtesy Ford Presidential Library



President Jimmy Carter on his Rivendell bicycle in his hometown of Plains, Georgia. Photo courtesy Renovo Media



President Ronald Reagan. Photo courtesy Treehugger



President George H. W. Bush with Barbara Bush in China. Photo courtesy Bicycle



President Bill Clinton receiving a bicycle from Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong, 1999. Photo courtesy The White House.



President George W. Bush mountain biking. Photo courtesy Treehugger.



President Barack Obama with his daughter Malia bicycling around Martha's Vineyard, 2010. Photo courtesy AFP




  1. Excellent! Please add:

    “The more I think about U.S. domestic transportation problems… the more I see an increased role for the bicycle in American life.” George H.W. Bush, U.S. ambassador to China, 1975

    • If only we had embraced bicycle infrastructure in the 70s, we’d be world leaders now.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. We had a chance in the 70′s to embrace bicycles and for some reason we just didn’t. But, now is a great time to jump on board with the movement (especially with gas over $4.00 a gallon!)

  3. My buddy owns Bill Clinton’s old Light Blue Cannondale from when he was in college. He was actually a cyclist.

  4. My buddy has Bill Clinton’s old light blue cannondale road bike from when he was in college. It has high quality (for the time) parts on it, looks like a racing set up. I guess we can say he really was a cyclist!

    • It would be great to see some photos of President Clinton on the Cannondale. We would be very happy to publish them if you want to send any in. Thanks Bobby.

      • I’ve never been able to find a photo of him riding it, but my friend was staying with someone who was good friends with President Clinton in Washington for a few days a few years ago. President Clinton had given him the bike, and when my friend said he wanted to start a cycling initiative where we live, the man gave him the bike as a gift. I have no reason to believe it was a scam, as the man didn’t ask for money for the bike, but he actually rides it around, and doesn’t keep store it away as a souvenir as most people would, which is really cool to me.

  5. Very cool. I wonder two things: what drive did the chainless bikes in the first pic use, and did the Boy Scouts pedal from Ohio to DC? It certainly looks like the White House in the background.

    • Great questions Robin. I haven’t done any research on the first question, but I am assuming that the chainless bikes with Theodore Roosevelt use a shaft-drive system. I believe the scouts did ride from from Ohio to the White House. That’s quite a ride!


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