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Military Bike


On this Veterans Day we’re pleased to honor the people who have proudly served and currently serving in the uniformed defense forces. Thank you.

Bike Lane Living would like to mark this occasion by featuring the Military Bike by Montague corporation. This is a folding paratrooper bike that is currently in use by every branch of the military, and is now available to the general public.

The geometry looks familiar because it has been designed to match that of commercial bikes that have been widely available for decades. However, the frame is definitely a unique design. It allows for compact carrying, impact resistance, and quick assembly on the ground.

The frame is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, lighter than steel and super strong. The gears are very familiar Shimano 24 speed and there’s a welcome front suspension system that soaks up the rough terrain.

The bicycle occupies a unique position in the military transportation spectrum. It allows troops to cover more distance, using less energy than by foot. Plus it offers more flexibility than traditional heavy transportation options. Priced at only $799 this is a very attractive option.

The advantages don’t just end in the combat zone. Just getting around base is made easier by bike, plus it adds another personal training (PT) option.

The Military Bike is a clear winner and earns two thumbs up from Bike Lane Living.


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 Military Bike

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  1. That’s an awesome bike! Thanks for sharing.