Lovetrack – Social Bicycle App


Lovetrack is a new mobile bicycle app, which could change the way you share bike ride pictures on social network sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and more.

It works by utilizing GPS technology and mapping software to track your bicycle journey. As you stop and capture images, they are stored as small icons on your map. At the completion of your ride, you will have produced a map with highlighted bike route, and photo icons marking the location they were taken. The map can then be shared via social networks, where your connections can see your map and touch your photo icons to experience them in expanded view.

It’s a simple concept, but could explode in popularity following the clear trend towards visual social sharing we’ve see on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. However, Lovetrack is not yet available for download. In fact, Lovetrack is still in the embryonic stages of development. This European start-up is currently raising money via Indiegogo – a global crowdfunding community, much like Kickstarter.

Please enjoy the video below, and follow the Lovetrack link if you’re motivated to help with their project.

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