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Loud Bicycle – Car Horn For Your Bike

Loud Bicycle


The Loud Bicycle is here, finally. The creators of Loud Bicycle argue that safety fears keep many of us from riding, so they developed a better way for cyclists to make motorists aware of their presence – NOISE.

The tone and volume emitted from their bicycle horn adaptation are exactly like your average car. As you can see from the field testing in the video below, the noise effectively gains the attention of drivers and makes them pause just long enough to visualize the oncoming bicycle and potentially reduce collision related injury.

Loud Bicycle is closing in on their Kickstarter target. Please check out their site where you can access more information and order your very own bicycle car horn.





  1. So many times I’ve thought, “I wish I had a car horn!” A bike bell just doesn’t cut through a car window and get a driver’s attention. Great idea!

    • Yeah, my Incredibell experience is similar. It’s great for signalling pedestrians and cyclists, but doesn’t register with drivers. This would definitely be a step up.

  2. Riding a bicycle in Los Angeles is dangerous and a horn may help, however I rely more on defensive “driving”. I think a horn may help in some cases, but too often it may be too late.

    • Defensive riding is a critical self-preservation strategy. Even if it means more braking and a slower commute, your’re chances of completing your journey are greatly improved.

      To stay in touch with bicycle happenings and news for this site, I receive Google alerts for anything related to ‘bicycle’. Lately it seems like there is news of a bicycle related death almost every day. Even with the law on our side in many instances, a court victory will not bring you back to life. Self preservation must be a priority, even if it means occasionally getting off the road or slowing down when you don’t legally have to.

  3. I commute everyday in Los Angeles and use the $30 Delta Airzound Bike Horn. I rarely use it, but when I do it’s only for cars and has saved my life. Look into it, it’s a better product in my opinion. It uses compressed air that you can pump up with any pump, is lighter, and fits in one of your water bottle cages. I zip-tie mine into my water bottle cage. The max 80 psi air in the bottle lasts weeks without having to re-pump. I inflate my tires more often then inflate the horn. If the trigger is set up close the rider’s hand, then your reaction time is just as fast in comparison to yelling.

    • Thanks for the scoop on the Delta Airzound D’Alfonso, we’ll check it out. Reaction time is critical.