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Looks Like 2013 Might be the Year of the Bicycle

Hello Kitty Ballet Cruiser

Hello Kitty Ballet Cruiser

While making a quick trip to the mall the other day (which I really try to avoid at all costs) I noticed a minor theme brewing; bicycles as decor. Sitting right up front and center of a Hello Kitty store were three pink Hello Kitty cruisers. Who knew Hello Kitty was getting into bicycles? I remember when the brand was a small nook in the corner of a Hallmark store which mainly consisting of notebooks and pencils.

But I digress, as I continued on my mission towards the intended department store, my eyes happened to glance at another cruiser sitting at the entrance of a shop, displaying their store’s brochures in a wicker basket. Bikes inside of a mall are a sight I haven’t seen, ever.

And just today, posted an article stating Chicago’s mayor was unveiling a radical plan to increase their bike lanes by 645 miles! Now, if that’s not bicycle love, what is?

I’m thrilled that so early in the year, I’m seeing strong signs supporting bicycles.

Have you noticed bicycle motifs, plans, or improvements?

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  1. No, but all this interest in bicycles may finally turn around the inactivity in young people and maybe people in general. In the bigger picture reduce our dependence on oil too.


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