Local Bike Shop Build Up

I wanted to share with you my personal favorite photograph for the week. Pictured here is the always reliable mechanic from our local bike shop. In this image he’s patiently building up a new bike for one very lucky customer. This model just happens to be a Scott Foil 10.

My camera was at floor level, angling slightly upwards. As well as the color, all the sharp angles somehow work for me in this image. Maybe it’s too busy for you? Please let me know what you think.

Bicycles and the bicycle lifestyle are extremely visually appealing and we’re trying to capture this as much as possible on the blog. The magazine style theme is well suited to displaying large images, and most of the pics we take ourselves are also posted on our Flickr site.

We’d like to see your favorite bicycle related photographs and would be happy to publish the best of them here on the blog. Tell us a little about how you took the photograph and why you like it. You can submit them directly to us via email: bikelaneliving [at] gmail [dot] com or by clicking the “Have A Bike Story” banner in the sidebar.

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