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Light Up Your Bike at Night

BLAZE light by Emily Brooke

With the sun setting around 4:30-ish everyday, it sure is dark come late afternoon/early evening.  For those hardy souls who are still commuting by bike to work and back, good for you! But don’t forget…lights, lights, lights! A front and back light are a great start, but around rush-hour, those alone don’t cut it. Here are some tips to light up your bike:

  • Wear bright colors. Okay, so maybe you don’t want to wear the neon orange utility vest or a bright orange flag waving from your rear, but black clothing at night camouflages you against the dark light. Or if you must wear black, wrap some glow sticks around your wrists and neck! Seriously.
  • Add reflective strips to your tires.Fiks:Reflective has some great wheel stripes that you can add to bikes that have a little extra space on the rim. These help you be seen from the side and not just the front and back.
  • Add Reflective tape to any front or back basket. Baskets are great accessories for carrying your stuff but they frequently cover up reflectors and/or lights. Make sure your lights are visible and add a bit of reflective tape to the basket if it is hindering the reflectors or lights.
  • Buy a light that projects ahead of itself. This is a fairly new idea in bike light design that a couple of companies are experimenting with. One such project is BLAZE which projects the image of a bicycle on the ground in front of the cyclist (the distance is adjustable but 5M is recommended.)

Fiks: Reflective wheel stripes

With the holidays here, it’s a great time to get festive and add as many lights to your bike as possible. Be seen and light up your bike!