How Many Miles Have You Logged This Year?

Biking till Dawn from Flickr

Biking till Dawn from Flickr

Before my bike was swiped, I had a cycle-meter that would record my miles (or at least until the battery would die out and it would have to be changed, only to reset itself!) Each year, I’d take note on how many miles I had ridden. My best year was over 1,000 miles!

Since I never equipped my new bike with my old cycle-meter (a piece was forever gone), I can only guess that I’m somewhere in the range of around 600 – 700 this year. Not bad, but not great. To boost that mileage for this year, I’ve been getting up at…dun, dun, dun…..5:30 am to ride 4 or 5 miles (I now have to estimate my mileage). To side track a bit, we just posted about the benefits of early morning rides; less traffic, cooler weather is a great reason to ride in the morning. Now, back to the topic at hand… If I keep up the momentum, that has waned this week, until the end of the year I should be able to eek out close to 1,000 miles.

Great for the calfs, quads, and thighs!

How many miles have you ridden this year?

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