Cycling down the path of life

Happiness Is All About The Bike

Commute Well-Being


Reduced energy and transportation costs, improved health and fitness, smaller carbon footprint, a better attitude and razor-sharp focus at work to name just a few benefits of riding a bike. Of course, if you already use your bicycle to get to and from the office them I’m preaching to the converted as they say, and are already aware of the bicycle lifestyle 2.0 benefits.

If you are weighing the pros and cons of leaving the car at home for a day or two each week, or more, and considering dipping your toes into the inviting waters of bicycling to work, then please add one more benefit to those listed above that your already-converted friends and coworkers speak of endlessly. Bicycle commuters are the happiest of all of us.

Despite the middle finger salutes, verbal motorist harassment, close calls, bad weather, body oder, and even being considered a little freaky by your coworkers, you will be happiest when riding your bike compared to any other form of transportation to your place of employment.

This is the conclusion drawn by Oliver Smith, Ph.D. Candidate in Urban Studies at Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University. The study measured well-being (happiness) of commuters, with mode of transportation as the primary determining factor.

The conclusions:

  • Commuting actively (by bike or walking) increases well-being no matter the distance or your income.
  • Traffic congestion reduces well-being for car commuters and not bicyclists.
  • Efforts to encourage greater adoption of non-motorized modes of transportation could be enhanced by noting improved happiness as a benefit of biking and walking to work.


What more incentive do you need to try riding to work?



  1. I would love to ride to work, but I would need a shower when I got there. I ride after work or on weekends to make up for it. I am pretty happy anyway.

    • That’s great KC. Do you think your employer would be open to installing a shower? Lots of places are offering this convenience for their staff. Imagine having the flexibility to not only commute by bike, but ride in your lunch break too.

  2. I ride to work about 3 days a week and have much more energy on the days I ride versus the days I drive. With warm temps creeping up, I’m hoping to ride 4 days a week soon! ;)

  3. Among the specific health benefits of my daily commute, duly noted and logged in comparison to my pre-biking days: lower blood pressure, lower pulse, better cardiovascular health, better sleep, better flexibility, eliminated hemorrhoids, reduced back pain, reduced arthritis, fewer colds, probably a few more I have left out.

    • You sound like a new man Joe! Our bodies have evolved to be active and clearly you are living prrof of this.