Green Light for the Simple Bicycle – bicymple


The demand for simplicity and innovation is healthier than ever, especially when it comes to the bicycle. The clean lines of the bicymple could be coming to a local bike shop near you, thanks in part to the overwhelming success of their Kickstarter campaign.

The Bellingham, Washington start-up has already doubled its Kickstarter funding budget and currently has another 39 days before the pledge period closes. That’s a big green light for bicymple designer Josh Bechtel who can now tool-up a commercial production facility and begin meeting consumer demand.

This looks like a really fun bike to ride, albeit not the most efficient commute on the market. There are no gears, the pedals directly propel the real wheel. The rear forks can either be fixed in alignment with the frame for standard riding, or released to allow the rider steer with their feet while simultaneously steering with the front wheel. That would take some getting used to, but I can already see a huge demand in the youth market where new tricks are waiting to be invented.

Riding dynamics aside, there’s no question that this is a super-clean, minimalist design that is sure to have niche, if not broad appeal. We wish bicymple every success and look forward to following their progress as the bikes enter the market.

Can you see yourself on the bicymple?

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