Great Bike Friendly Employers

photo: from MNN, KennethMoyle/Flickr

photo: from MNN, KennethMoyle/Flickr

For bike commuters, having a bike-friendly employer can be the reason they continue riding to work instead of switching back to driving. Some employers recognize the value of supporting bike commuting; happier, healthier employees! As a bike commuter, I know that any company that offers secure bike parking, a shower or large bathroom for clean-up, and maybe a locker are a great start to keeping the motivation going.

But some employers go beyond just these basics and offer incentives to ride, like receiving a bike on your one-year anniversary of working at their company, coordinating group rides for a cause, and offering heated storage solutions. Here’s a short list of bike-friendly employers, based on Mother Nature Network’s slideshow:

  1. New Belgium Brewing Company. They offer a cruiser to employees on their one-year anniversary.
  2. Widmer Brothers Brewing. Offer heated storage and lockers for their bike commuting employees.
  3. Google.
  4. Nike.
  5. Specialized. They pay their bike commuters $1 each one-way bike commute.

And a few that aren’t mentioned on the MNN slideshow, but should have been:

  1. Clif Bar
  2. Bikes Belong
  3. REI

For a full list of Bike Friendly Businesses, visit the League of American Cyclists.

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