Four of the Best Bicycle Tour Routes in America

American Bike Tours

American Bike Tours

Bicycle tours are becoming increasingly popular these days as tourists look for a healthier, alternative way to experience the scenery of a new city, country or town; Catching a glimpse of it through a bus, train or taxi window just isn’t quite the same.

No doubt, if you’re visiting a major vacation spot, there will be a handful of bicycle rental/tour companies who will run tours on specific bike routes in the area. However if you are visiting the States and would like to view this glorious country using the power of your own two feet, we’ve come up with a list of the four best bicycle tour routes in America:

1. Route 100 (Vermont)

This bicycle tour starts from the hill towns of Western Massachusetts and ends in Newport, Vermont near the Canadian border. The route is 165 miles long and you can see lush green forests, slopes, meandering rivers, breathtaking mountain views and historical and cultural towns in Vermont. The extensive trails and winding roads of this route may pose a challenge to bikers, which make it the ideal route for those wanting more of a challenge and less of a casual cruise.

2. Driftless Area (Wisconsin)

Wisconsin is known as one of the most bike-friendly states in the US, and Wisconsinites agree that they have “commendable awareness” of bicycles as a means of transportation. In fact, to protect the safety of cyclists the local government has set speed limits on this route.

The Driftless Area can be found in the south-western part of Wisconsin and is made up of steep hills and narrow valleys. Various historical and cultural monuments can also be found here such as the houses designed by world-renowned American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

3. Peak to Peak Highway (Colorado)

This route is 55 miles long and offers an amazing panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains. The entire highway glides through lush greenery, historic mining communities and period architecture. Another good thing about this route is that there are different ways to extend or to shorten the scope of it. There are also plenty of scenic routes in the area so people who love biking and spectacular views will definitely enjoy an abundance of biking options.

4. Kanab and Kaibab Plateaus (Arizona)

Kanab and Kaibab are two of the five plateaus that make up the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. The bike trail along this route is breathtaking. It incorporates a green oasis in the middle of the dry grassland, brimming with pine and oak trees, spruce, aspen and fir. This route promises an amazing but challenging ride to anyone game enough to try it!

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