Cycling down the path of life

Forever Bike Stamps and My Long Lost Basket

Forever Bike Stamps – photo credit Suburban Assault

A tisket, a tasket I finally received my bicycle basket. Or should I say, went and picked it up. Apparently some items that ship from Amazon via FedEx are delivered to the local post office and our post office didn’t notify us that they were holding it. I’ll be testing my new basket out tomorrow and follow up with my review.

But, while I was there (and thankfully didn’t have to wait in a long line) I noticed the Forever Bicycle stamps are now available and are being advertised along with Pixar stamps. Okay, maybe some people aren’t as excited about the bicycle stamps as they are about the Woody and Buzz Light Year stamps, but nevertheless, they’re available. I really don’t use that many stamps in a year, but as soon as my roll runs out, I’ll be swapping out the generic US Flag stamps for the bicycle-themed ones.

Surburban Assault wrote a short post about these stamps a while ago and included some nice photos of bicycle themed stamps of yesteryear.