Fixed On Bicycle Safety

Being seen is critical to safe bicycle riding. Pure Fix Cycles is fully aware of the hazards that bike riders face, especially the challenge of visibility.  They have responded by developing the Glow Series of bicycles that really give riders an edge in low-light conditions.

Whether you’re a daily office commuter or a student, the chances of you riding in fading light are very high. Standard street-clothes or work-wear is generally dark; not exactly jumping out at passing traffic as something to look out for. Plus, no matter how powerful your standard bike lights, they only direct their beams forward or backward, leaving the rider’s profile virtually invisible to distracted motorists.

The Glow Series innovation presents a super-bright reflection to any motor vehicles directing their head lights in that direction. We’ve featured other after-market reflective products like FIKS Reflective Stripes, which are also very effective. However, this is the first integrated design with reflective technology completely built-in to this extent.

This is a trend that the major bike manufacturers and distributors simply can’t ignore. If proven effective in reducing impact related accidents and injury, then this technology should become standard and even mandated.

If you’re concerned about aesthetics and the thought of everyone riding green bikes? Relax, only the reflection in low-light conditions appears green on these models. The daylight appearance is like any other bike and can be just about any color of your choosing.

If improved safety is as easy as choosing  high-tech paint, is this an option for you?

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