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Fix It Sticks – Fantastically Unique Bicycle Multitool

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Fix It Sticks will jolt the bicycle multitool establishment with the launch of their next-level design. If your radar is always scanning the horizon for innovative bicycle-tech, then you will most definitely want to see how this new multitool can improve your riding experience.

The Appleton, Wisconsin start-up is the brainchild of Brian Davis. An avid cyclist and inventor, Brian developed Fix It Sticks out of a need to carry only the tools he needed on a bike ride in a lightweight, usable, and compact package. He found inspiration in his super-handy three-way tool, but wanted to make it easier to carry on a bicycle.

Fix It Sticks are beautifully simple. The aluminum rods hold interchangeable steel tool bits – choose the fittings that best fit your bike. Begin adjustments or repairs in the field by turning the rod with your fingers. Then insert a rod horizontally through your other rod for added leverage and easy tightening. The modular design is unique to the bicycle multitool market segment and offers the advantage of low weight and is super compact.

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While there are several multitools available, they often have more gadgets and features than you need. Really, no matter what type of riding you’re into, the concept of taking only what you need is good idea. Less cargo and efficient packing allow a rider to go further or faster (or both) on a given amount of energy. Even the smallest improvement is welcome.

Fix It Sticks are currently under development, with the first tools shipping mid-February in conjunction with their Kickstarter campaign .




  1. I think I know what my dad’s getting for Father’s Day :)

    • Great! Please let us know what he thinks of them. Thanks Jen.