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Finally, Bike Fashion for Women!

Iva Jean Reveal Skirt.

It’s terrific that mainstream clothing companies are jumping on board the everyday, commuter bicycle trend. Yet, what’s been lagging behind is where women fit into this picture – in all areas, not just clothing. Sure, Levi Strauss concocted the Urban Cycle Commuter Series but happened to design men’s-only duds leaving out the other half of the population: women.

I know that statistically, women commuters only make up about 25% of the total bike commuter population (per U.S. Department of Transportation 2010 statistics), but that still leaves one-fourth of commuters marginalized. What if companies started focusing more on the women’s bicycle niche? Would more women ride?

One company thinks so: Iva Jean – Bike Fashion for Women. And let me just say, their fashion sense for bicycle commuters is eons away from spandex and bright neon colors. Designed for women commuters that ride to the office in everyday work wear, they’re designing fashion to inspire women to “BikeEverywear.”

As a budding company, their selection is limited to four select pieces; a skirt, blouse, rain cape, and vest (the cape is currently for sale on their website, the other three pieces will be available in Spring 2013). Yet, their design ideas are brilliant, like the two-way reflective vest – safe and fashionable. They currently have a Kickstarter Campaign running to help launch their Spring 2013 collection.

Iva Jean Reflective Vest.

I anticipate we’ll be hearing more about this company come next year.


  1. Great article Jennifer. Kudos to Iva Jean. Let’s do all we can to support them and force a breakthrough in the bicycle fashion marketplace.

  2. This is great! Women are, quite honestly, an afterthought for many cycling-specific clothing companies. If they do produce clothing for women, it’s garish to the point of being funny or it’s just pink (as if that means anything). I’ve thought a lot about how I’d love to see more of a focus on clothing for women. I either tend to wear my regular clothes when I go to school or cycling-specific clothing when I commute to work. My commute to work is much longer, so I need cycling clothes and a change of clothing.

    Betabrand has some really nice cycling-specific jeans. But alas! They do not fit anyone with cyclists’ thighs. They don’t have my size, so I can’t order any; not even the red ones. :(