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Fashionable Bike Accessories

Eleanor's Bike Basket. Photo from Eleanor's blog.

Eleanor’s Bike Basket. Photo from Eleanor’s blog.


It’s difficult to find fashionable accessories for an urban commuter bike (let alone a fashionable commuter bike!) So, when I came across Eleanor’s Bike Shop featured in Apartment Therapy, I was intrigued by her collection of items; vintage crates, wicker baskets, shirt guards, Iva Jean Rain Cape, and wicker panniers. If you live in Brooklyn, New York you can visit her shop first hand. If not, check out her online shop.


Eleanor’s – Functional Fashion



  1. Ummmmmmmm – I want that puppy!

    • That Chocolate lab is adorable, isn’t he? :)

  2. Nice accessories safe riders and also make fashion,also define you from others.