Cycling down the path of life

Earth Bike Banjo Tour 2013

Erin Inglish


The Earth Bike Banjo Tour 2013 is on. In conjunction with Earth Month activities this April, Erin Inglish will pedal 1,000 miles from the northern tip of California, south to San Diego and she’ll be performing at stops all along the journey.

The San Luis Obispo, California native is releasing a new album which she will share and promote as she rides south. The massive journey, already fully funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, will also include stops at schools where Erin will speak about sustainability issues, as well as performing her mesmerizing banjo melodies.

One thousand miles of bicycle touring is a massive undertaking, especially when you add public appearances and performing into the mix. We wish Erin a safe journey and hope she connects with tens of thousands of people as she shares a very positive message in support of Earth Month 2013.