Donate A Bicycle


It’s always a great time to donate a bicycle. However, you may have noticed that we’ve been focusing more on bicycle philanthropy recently as gifting is often a consideration for United States tax payers at this time of the year. If you do choose to give we’re very happy to report that a bicycle goes a long way to improving the lives of so many needy people.

World Bicycle Relief has connected developing communities with over 100,000 bicycles. I especially like the way they present the available options to donors: a $50 gift will supply bicycle tools, a $134 gift will provide a bicycle, $260 = 2 x bicycles, and so on.

They offer multiple opportunities to get involved in their mission, and they a do a great job at communicating the beneficial impact that donations are having on the ground. For example, the graphic below illustrates how a simple bicycle can help people overcome the obstacle of distance.

Please become familiar with the World Bicycle Relief website for more information on how you can have an impact.

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