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Daily Infographic How Bikes Can Save Us

I just had to share this infographic from It explains the benefits for biking much better in a graphic than I could say in words.

How Bikes Can Save Us from Daily Infographic


  1. So many compelling reasons to bicycle more often. I love a good infographic.

  2. I ride to the local store whenever possible. I have yet to see anybody else doing so.
    The moment the weather warms up I’ll be back on my bike!!

    • @Neil – Hopefully when the weather warms up, you’ll see others on their bikes, too. :)

  3. The infrastructure changes needed to make bicycling or even walking a viable alternative are astounding, except maybe in small, tightly packed urban locations.
    Too bad. Well, off to work, which is 42 miles away; then to the grocery which is over 5 miles away (no sidewalks or bike lanes).
    Enjoy the dream…

    • Well, work 42 miles away, and grocery stores are definitely understandable to drive through. BUT what about the infrastructure costs almost every 2 years when a lot of cities resurface most of their roads? Because 90% of the time, they’re usually not in need of a total resurface. It may sound like a huge cost, but that’s only because far more than that is already put in toward automobile use, even when it’s not needed. However, in my city, there are no bike lanes anywhere, and no sidewalks except in our downtown area, and I commute down a highway five miles to go to school, and to visit people. You just have to learn to ride with traffic, and stay safe while not letting the drivers take advantage of you.

      • @Bobby – It’s unfortunate that there aren’t any bike lanes or sidewalks in your area. But you’re right, if you want to cycle in a town that isn’t very bicycle friendly, you just have to learn how to ride with traffic and ride safely. Maybe someday your city will add bike lanes when it resurfaces the roads!

  4. this is ameezing site i like it very much

  5. i ride to work a lot, in VA, which is rare! People are amazed that one can ride a bike from home to work. I try to spread the word – most of my commute is on the W&OD trail – MADE FOR BIKES!!!!!! Hello People!!
    But – the road sections are a scary as hell – those same people are usually ‘busy’ in their cars making calls, texting, writing e-mails and other more-interesting-than-driving stuff.


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