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Cycle For Water


Group bonding activities that aim to promote and support a worthy cause are especially well suited to the bicycle. This is a well-known fact by 5th grade students attending Ashley Primary School in the United Kingdom who recently participated in Cycle For Water.

Students, inspired by a call to action, decided to see what they could do to make a difference and help others. They chose a water project in Thailand. With a strong sense of empowerment they created a bicycle and scooter event as their focus.

With the goal of raising 10 pound sterling each, this relatively small sum per child would make a profound difference. The funds would help to provide access to clean water, a privilege that the children can take for granted.

This is a noble cause and is being duplicated by like-minded groups the world over. Bicycle events are simply a brilliant foundation to focus a team when rallying support for a cause. It’s healthy fun and just about everyone can participate.

If you are inspired to take action to help the children in Cycle For water then please make contact via their website:

Bike Lane Living wishes them every success.


Cycle for Water @ School from Michiel & Joost on Vimeo.




  1. Hi all

    This was a great event. Brilliantly organised by the kids. And evidence that a simple concept can go a long way.

    Let’s hope many more schools take the lead and kick-start their own events to support such a cool charity – it still makes me wonder what in the world I’d do if I didn’t have clean, fresh water pouring from my tap every morning?!?

    Great stuff with the event Ashley School!


    • Thanks Nic, this is a model that will hopefully be emulated many many times.