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Cities For People is a blueprint for town planners and is the product of the lifelong work of architect Jan Gehl. He is Professor of Urban Design in The School of Architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, and truly passionate about creating better places for people to live.

Our cities don’t develop by accident. They evolve because of deliberate planning, often by groups that don’t work together and cater to the special interests of a few at the expense of everybody. Gehl argues that much of the development after World War II is car centric, with too much emphasis on fire truck turning radii and positioning of signature skyscrapers - often to the detriment of people.

The human element must be the focus of urban planning, or else lifeless cities will be the result. Gehl focuses on health, safety, liveliness, and sustainability as central elements of great urban space. It’s inactivity that leads to obesity and miserable populations. Plans that allow people to walk and bicycle as much as possible are much preferred.

If you’re inspired to help shape future development in your community, you could do a lot worse than listening to the messages presented in this book and make your local leaders aware of your ideas to move forward. Building a better place to live starts with you.


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