CETMA Cargo – One Guy In a Simple Shop


CETMA Cargo produces CETMA Racks and CETMA Cargo bikes in the bustling cycling hub of Eugene, Oregon. I’m excited to have ordered by first CETMA product today and I can honestly vouch for the responsiveness of Lane, he’s the one guy in the simple shop that makes CETMA run.

I’ve been wanting to add a front cargo carrier to my Raleigh Rush Hour for some time. This is my ride-most-of-the-time bike that I use for cruising with the kids, the occasional grocery store run, and even some winter training. I’m hoping to expand its utility with the addition of the CETMA Brack.

The Brack merges a flat rack carrier with the traditional bicycle basket. The elastomer-coated wood platform is supported by cro-moly tubing in a design that should give good load stability and provide several anchor points for a cargo net or bungee cord. CETMA Racks also secure directly to the axle without the need for additional eyelets, the Rush Hour comes up short on eyelets. I look forward to sharing a comprehensive review of the CETMA Brack after it has been delivered, installed, and tested.

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