Bowery Lane Bicycles – Made in NYC


Bowery Lane Bicycles are unmistakably New York City inspired. Taking their vintage styling cues from the 20th century manufacturing era, the black paint, clean lines, and signature wooden crate are perfect for today’s market.

They offer the diamond framed Broncks in black or raw steel finish, and the step-through Bruekelen in black. There are very few accessories to consider and sizing is a cinch as there’s only one frame size offered. Don’t panic, the versatile design allows this minimalist configuration to fit a rider inseam of 28 to 36 inches; one size fits all.


These American cruisers are ideal for getting around the city or along the bike path. The steel frame, large tires, and sprung saddle all work together to smooth out the bumps. I especially like the upright seating position that allows for excellent visibility.

Perhaps my favorite feature is that Bowery Lane Bicycles are manufactured in America. They’re welded, painted and assembled in New York City and the wooden crates are manufactured by a Father and Son team from New Jersey. Fewer than 1% of bicycles sold domestically are manufactured in the USA. Pricing starts at just $595.

Putting these bikes together yourself is fairly straight forward. Bowery Lane Bikes can be delivered to your front door directly from NYC. See how it’s done in the video below.

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