Boost Property Value With Bicycle Landscape Design

It’s never easy deciding how to spend your limited home improvement resources, especially when you have several projects that need to be green lit. But when it comes to return on investment, nothing comes close to boosting your home value like quality landscape design.

Money magazine reports that well executed landscape design yields 100-200% return on money invested. When compared to a kitchen remodel (75-125% return), bathroom remodel (80-120% return), the landscape option is very appealing. Even adding a swimming pool with only provide a return of 20-50%.

In our completely unbiased opinion, a great way to improve on this is by adding bicycle elements. The header image above adds life to the classic garden fence by mounting classic bikes. Landscape designer Chris Lambton from HGTV’s Going Yard designed this fun space that is certain to be a great conversation starter at your next neighborhood get together.


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