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Bikenapped! A way to report a stolen bike.

Bikenapped! A Boston bike crime website and map.

If you live in the Boston area and have had the unfortunate event of a bike theft happen to you, there’s now a website where you can list your loss: Bikenapped! The site was started by a Harvard student who had her bike stolen a few weeks after she had purchased it (ouch, that stings!) Bikenapped basically allows bike theft victims in the Boston area to report the details of the crime and list it on the map. The idea behind the site is to “Raise[sic] awareness and disseminate[sic] information [which] is crucial in addressing bike thefts.” As anyone who has had a bike stolen can tell you, you don’t get them back and the thief gets away scott-free.

The site also hosts 2011 Boston Police bike-theft statistics which shares information about previous bike thefts and complies them into bar graphs and pie charts. For instance, it’s not all that surprising that bike thefts are highest in the summer when the weather is great and bike-riding is popular. Cable locks are also the largest portion of bike-thefts at 60% with U-locks at 15% (need to start using my U-lock!)

I personally love the idea of the site. The only complaint I have with the site is that many of the reports are a few months old. It would be nice to sort by date or have older reports grayed out. Of course, another limitation is that the map of Bikenapped! only covers the Boston area.

Great idea, though. If this had been available in my area, I would definitely have reported my September theft. :(


  1. Thanks for the support for Bikenapped! The reports listed on the sidebar actually shows by order of when people made the report and not when the event actually occurred. That way everyone’s reports will get to be featured, and not be buried in the database just because it was older. It’s been amazing that people have reported thefts from several years ago (and remembers the exact date!). Goes to show how traumatic a theft can be.

    If you use the slider bar at the bottom of the map, you can actually sort the reports by when they occurred. We will try to implement more functionality in the future that makes the information more easily accessible and clear for visitors. We hope to be able to expand the project to other cities in the future!

    Thanks for checking out Bikenapped. I really appreciate the comments and feedback.

    • Thanks for giving us that update, Lulu. Bikenapped! is a great idea!